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I am a recent interior design graduate (UMN-2018 B.S.) who is passionate about lighting design, sustainable design, wayfinding, and biomimicry. I aspire to improve the lives of communities around the world with thoughtful, honest, healthy and aesthetically pleasing design. I am passionate about helping people and I hope to positively impact others with my education and work experience.

I am also an experienced professional with 10+ years in the corporate environment. My “real world” work experience along with my recent degree delivers a unique educated and professional design eye. I like to call myself a “seasoned professional with a fresh design perspective.” In addition to going to college I spent my spare time working on residential interior design projects on my house. These projects included:  kitchen remodel, unfinished room remodeled into hobby room, HVAC/electrical repair, wood-burning fireplace into gas fireplace remodel, and exterior projects.

My passion in lighting design comes from my lighting class with professor Abimbola Asojo and my internship at JTH Lighting Alliance. Professor Asojo sparked my interest in lighting by showing me how much illumination can impact a space. Lighting layers, color temperature, and lumens can make a spaces atmosphere change dramatically. I learned about interior/exterior lighting, lighting manufactures, and lighting applications through my internship.  I like to stay current on lighting technology and especially enjoy seeing Gobo projectors for lighting applications.

My personal passions include art, design, and travel. Nature really inspires the me most. I enjoy the outdoors a great deal by going camping, boating, kayaking, and downhill skiing. In my free time I like to decorate my house, garden, read and make crafts/art. Traveling is another passion of mine. My recent Independent Study Abroad to London, Oslo, and Stockholm was a lifetime experience! Lastly, I like to spend time with my son, family, friends and my Irish setter.

I hope to meet you soon and thanks for visiting my website!

Kind regards,

Bethany Bertram